Stage-Tech Supplied (6) Structures, (10) LED Video walls, (5) stages, (5) PA Systems & over 300 LED Pars cans for the EGAME event in Pomona CA. A big thank you to the crew who created and executed a great game plan from load in to show through the load out!

A Huge Thank you to the following Team Members!

Kevin L- Producer 

Charley G - Sales Executive 

Brad B - Production Manager

Charley G- Project manager

Chelsey S- Project coordinator

Charley G - CAD drawings

Brad B - Lighting Lead

Dustin M - Lighting Lead

Anthony D - Rigging Lead

Vic Sr - Staging Lead

Rob F - Audio Lead

Richard P- Driver


REAL STREET 92.3  at the Honda Center in Anaheim hosted some of the biggest names in Hip Hop including Cardi B, ASAP Rocky, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Meek Mill, Future and More! Stage-Tech was tasked with providing 2 Identical mirror imaged stages including full production (Design, Staging, Structure, Lighting, Video, IMAG, Fly packs) for the event in the Honda center parking lot.

A Huge Thank you to the following Team Members!

Nathan A - Producer 

Charley G - Sales Executive 

Carlos G - Production Manager

Brett B - Project manager

Shannon R - Project manager

Luis N- Project coordinator

Brett B - CAD drawings

Tyler G - Roof Lead

Dave B - Roof Lead

Vic Jr B - Roof Tech

Steve W - Roof Tech

Tyler G - Roof Tech

Oscar C - Roof Tech

Matt S - Roof Tech

Richard K -  Roof Tech

Dustin M - Lighting Lead

Jeff P - Lighting Lead

Andy F - Lighting Lead

Tyler S- Lighting Tech

Martin R- Lighting Tech

Alex S- Lighting Tech

Brad B - Lighting  Tech

Reynaldo G - Video Lead

Jeff Soto - Video Lead

Martin R - Video Tech

Frankie V - Video Te...

Kicking off the New Year with a Beach Party! There is nothing like gigs in the Sand! Stage-Techs version of a Sand Castle consisted of 4 global truss circles over the audience and a 30 foot tall self climbing truss structure all inside a 50 meter tent located at Huntington State Beach.

A big shout out to :

Charley G - Account Manager

Brett B- CAD & Project Manager

Marvin G- Logistics

Tyler G - Rigging

Martin R- Lighting

Jeff P- Programming

Reynaldo G-Video

Jeff S-Video

Victor B-Staging

Joseph B-Staging

Richard P- Trucking

John R-Trucking

Stage-Tech was tasked with building a corporate Trade Show booth for LA CoMotion in downtown LA. The booth featured 3 x 80" Flat Screens supported by a 20" Box truss structure and All anchored down by 4 of Stage-Tech's new and improved Mafia Blocks. The Set Facia and custom Roof graphics made for a nice clean look!

A big shout out to :

Charlotte Wester- Sales

Brett Bahrke- CAD & Project Manager

Eric Profaca - Rigging

Frankie Vazquez - Video

Richard Pleiss - Trucking

Stage-Tech was tasked with building (17) Truss Arches for the IN n OUT 70th Anniversary celebration at the Shrine.  All the truss and ballast specified needed to be black in color as well as engineered for Seismic and wind loading from the custom banners. 4 separate crews were deployed to build the structures within the client's time frame and the new and improved Stage-Tech Mafia Block was utilized in multiple areas and proved to be a staple for the crews and their success. Well done to an outstanding prep and onsite crew!

A big shout out to :

Charlotte Wester- CAD & Project Manager

Marvin Garcia - Logistics

Carlos Guillen - Production

Tyler Guest - Rigging

Rudy Solarzano - Rigging

Marvin Garcia - Rigging

Malachy Mitchell- Rigging

Vic Benevides Jr. - Rigging

Alex Solis - Rigging

Will Cowles - Rigging

Richard Pleiss - Trucking

John Ruiz - Trucking

We had the privilege of supporting one of the largest music festivals in the world "Electric Daisy Carnival" with one of their 8 Performance Stages. Stage-Tech provided the Stage, Roof Structure, Video, Lighting and Rigging for the Electric Daisy Carnival at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Over 400 sections of 20.5" Truss were used for the massive structure that was largely installed by crane.

A Huge Thank you to the following Team Members!

Charley Guest - Sales Executive 

Kelsey McGill - Production Manager

Kelsey McGill - CAD drawings

Ryan Burke - Roof Lead

Eric Profaca - Roof Tech

Steve Warmbier -  Roof Tech

Kenny Kightlinger - Roof Tech

Reynaldo Gonzalez - Video Tech

Ryan Burke - Video Tech

Dustin Mansell - Lighting Lead

Victor Benavides - Staging Lead

Richard Pliess - Driver

Jeff Munroe - Driver

A large corporate sponsor of Coachella 2018 contracted Stage-Tech to build a "Truss Mountain Experience" to VIP festival goers for this offsite party. Stage-Tech was tasked with bringing  American artist Daniel Arsham's vision to life.  Consisting of over 300 pieces of Global Truss 180 Truss socks, 192 pipe braces and plethora of "white" clamps the mountain and the experience came to life on the 4th day of install.

A big shout out to :

Brett Bahrke - CAD & PM

Marvin Garcia - Logistics

Carlos Guillen - Production

Coty Suthern - Rigging

Tyler Guest - Rigging

Kenny Kightlinger - Rigging

Matt Soria - Rigging

Eric Profaca - Rigging

Vic Benavides - Staging

Alex Solis - Staging

Richard Pleis - Trucking

Stage-Tech provided the Design, Video, Lighting and Rigging for the Dreamstate Stage 4 at the National Orange Show. Over 400 panels of 20mm Video as well as 180+ Global F34  Truss sections were used to create this unique design

A Huge Thank you to the following Team Members!

Charley Guest - Sales Executive 

Charley Guest - Design

Brett Bahrke - Production Manager

Brett Bahrke - CAD drawings

Kenny Kightlinger - Rigging Tech

Reynaldo Gonzalez - Video Tech

Dustin Mansell - Lighting Lead

Victor Benavides - Staging Lead

Richard Pliess - Driver

Jeff Munroe - Driver

This year for Cali Christmas we designed a winter themed stage using giant snowflakes.  Take a look at how amazing our design turned out. 

Lighting Equipment 

16 - Elation Platinum FLX

16 - Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extreme

15 - Elation Platinum 1200 Wash

16 - Elation SixPar 100

30 - Blizzard ToughStick

6 - Martin MAC Aura 

9 - Philips SL510 Nitro White LED Strobe

Check out one of our most recent gigs, Danzig's Blackest of the Black festival.  Artists such as Danzig of course, Ministry, and Suicidal Tendencies sang their guts out in what is being called,  the darkest holiday yet. Our rig, consisting of Platinum Beam Extremes, Platinum FLXs, and Nitro LED strobe fixtures, among others, was the perfect setup to rock your face off. 

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