STAGE-TECH was tasked with  building the first outdoor Imax screen ever created for COMIC-CON when STAR TREK BEYOND premiered on JULY 22, 2016 in Embarcadero Marina  Park South in San Diego CA.  STAGE-TECH had 48 hours to build a scaffold structure under and around an existing roof and stage which required extensive and planning revolving around detailed VECTORWORKS drawings  .  During the build STAGE-TECH encountered an unforeseen hurdle with change in access to the rear portion of the build and had to revise its plan of attack on sight. Thanks to quick thinking by STAGE-TECH leads the tight schedule was still met with some innovative ideas to it's approach.  The scaffold structure used over 1200 pieces of ring type scaffold and took over 300 man hours to build and remove.  The finished size of the viewing area as well as placement were critical to the quality of the IMAX image.

• Rendering of Build

 • load in commences

 Show & load out.

 • time lapse video

This project ha...

The 11th Jack FM show at Irvine Meadows was headlined by Jane's Addiction.  Stage-Tech provided a 55' Turntable stage, a complete Lighting system as well as Video content for the show. The show needed to be loaded in & up and ready in 3 hours , so the rig needed to be designed accordingly ... Stage-Tech utilized the Tomcat Swing Wing Truss  loaded with Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extreme  , Elation ACL360 Matrix fixtures , and Martin MAC 2000 fixtures.  The Rig was controlled with a GrandMa 2 Full with NSP .  Jane’s Addiction was the headliner for the show.  Due to the tight performance schedule Stage-Tech's  55’ diameter stage turntable as specified and allowed set changes to be done in as little as 10 minutes.  This was a special gig for most of us, as for many of us, this would be our last show at Irvine Meadows.

• 6am Turntable is in!

 • 7am Lighting load in commences


This project had a stellar team, Thank you to all involved:

Joe Golden-CAD Designs & Project Mana...

Our A3 roof was upgraded with 45,000 lb + steel base detail. The design ties the main roof towers together  incorporates large steel troughs that hold multiple standard sized 2,200 lb & 4,400 lb concrete blocks. The base detail will help eliminate many exterior guy lines and will further help our engineers issue higher wind ratings within their HWAP (high wind action plan) issuance.

Stage-Tech had the honor of participating in the 50th Superbowl compound festivities in San Francisco.  We were tasked with lighting a massive banner featuring the Lombardi trophy that was hung on both sides of the Embarcadero 4 building.  In the months leading up to the event multiple walk throughs took place narrowing down  the logistics, namely lighting positions and footprint we would be allotted to accomplish the task. We went through several simulations in Vectorworks utilizing the light meter tools to come up with the desired even wash over the entire banner. Several custom IES files were imported for non-stock VW spotlight fixtures for various design options, but at the end of the day the mixture of 750 watt ETC source 4 Pars and ERS fixtures proved to be the best solution.

Here is a look at the deisgn:

The design worked perfectly and the Lombardi Trophy banner was visible from miles away!

Special thanks to the Team on this project:

Charley Guest - Lighting Designer

STAGE-TECH was tasked with refurbishing and then assembling a 65' tall custom Christmas Tree for a multi year contra

ct at the Venetian Hotel in LAS VEGAS.  The structure was not designed or fabricated by Stage-tech so preparing for the onsite build required hundreds of hours of time to mock up the unit to limit issues that might arise onsite.  The structure incorporated over 900 acrylic balls, 3000+ R5 Lights and 120+ DMX controlled IP65 LED lights . All in all the unit and it's fixings took 1000+ man hours to build and remove.  Aside from all of the hard work and preparations some good memories were had along the way. See more below on that!

• Rendering of skeleton build

 • Pre fab & load in commences


Work & Fun

 • Video Clip

This project had a Great team!! 

Thank you to all involved:

Charley Guest -CAD Designs & Project Manager
Charley Guest - Account manager

Dave Broadhead - Rigging Lead

Kenny Kightlinger - Rigging Lead

Ben Erlich - Rigging Tech

Tyler Guest -...

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