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It occurred to me mid walk through....This is a project like none before, well at least for us. A rather large heavy duty stage built in the water of a Las Vegas hotel's water feature. It would need to hold a rigging structure for lighting and audio, oh ya, and an Ice skating rink! The depth of the water feature would demand stage supports ranging from 3' to 11' in length and the under support structure would all be submerged in chemical filled water for 7 weeks. Well ok, let's start working the problem. My assistant and I equipped with an aluminum telescoping 12' measuring stick, clipboard and a pen decide to hikack a gondola and start to take measurements for the leg lngths we will need.

Here are some of the notes from that day.

Then it was time to sort out a plan on paper that would functionally install, support the weight load and survive the chemicals in the water for a 7 week run. Steeldeck decking, Nickle plated steel legs, aluminum swivel clamps, and 6061T6 1.90 pipe for the aluminum bracing were specified.

It took some doing but the Engineer of Record signed off on our plan and it was time to sort out how to install it. We had 2 guys in full scuba Gear Kenny Kightlinger and Dave Broadhead in the water as 4 crew guys up top built the deck over a 3 day period. This all happend in the dead of Winter in Las Vegas ... IT WAS COLD!

After it was all said and done it turned out very nice and the client was very happy... Patrons enjoyed a rare opportunity to Ice skate in the elements in Las Vegas at one of the most prestigious Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Great Job to the crew at Stage-Tech for all of the hard work and planning!

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